Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Round two of honest blogging

I don't know what to write about... again. But I'm going to begin anyway because last time I stumbled upon the inspiration through writing.

So it's Tuesday. That means that I have Microeconomics, KRAM, and Nonprofit (blahhh). I'm ready to be done. I've already gone, really. My brain has been checked out for a while now. It's time for a break. I would really love to live in a simpler way. Not all this striving all the time to get things done. Productivity. Efficiency. Tired. Actually, I was just telling a girl on my hall the other day that I wouldn't mind being Amish. She was like, "uh, do you know what they believe?" Haha... it was a nice thought in the way back part of my head where I idealize things. It's bad but the busyness of our culture makes me want to check out from reality.

Also, I get a little irked whenever I ask anyone how they are and they list all the reasons why they're so freaking busy. I don't even like to hear myself say it. No, I especially don't like to hear myself say it. It's not that I'm really annoyed with that person, it's just dumb that we have to be so crazy. It's like those parents who sign their kids up for 15 different activities every year. I just want to ask them, "are you nuts?!" Kids like just chillin too.

Ok enough of that. I'm really not in the mood to complain. Long story short, I'm ready for summer. Summer is looking hopeful.

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