Sunday, June 5, 2011

Everything's changing

So this morning I planned on going to church but of course I was a sleepy little and just snoozed it and went back to sleep. It was good though because I finally feel caught up on my sleep. Today is the first day here that I've been able to sleep in. There's always been something going on.
Anyway, when I woke up no one was in the house so I had a lot of quiet and was finally able to process the last two weeks. But I really ended up processing the last two months. Lately, especially being here in Spain, it seems like everything in my life is changing or has changed. I'm realizing how comfortable I was in my life. But now my parents are selling the house I grew up in, I'm starting a new job after this, I'm buying a new car, I'm moving into a new apartment in the next few months, I'm separated from my awesome college friends, and I'm starting a whole new chapter. My friends are getting engaged and married. It's so weird. I knew this was coming and I've been really excited for it but now I'm lamenting the comfortable place I've been in since I emerged from the womb. Lol yes emerged from the womb. I guess I could have just said born. Accepting change is rely hard. But I've definitely learned that God is the only constant in your life and that's where I'm putting my faith. Otherwise I'll be a hot mess.
Only ten more days in Spain! Time to capitalize on my time here and look forward to moving on when it's over.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi friends! If you've been checking my blog I apologize that I haven't been writing. It's sometimes a challenge to have time to write and have access to wifi (pronounced weefee here). But that is all in the past because I'm writing now! First things first, if you're in my family I miss you, if we went to college together I miss you, if you're my boyfriend or my best friend I miss you.
Being in a foreign country is definitely cool. There's so many new and exciting things to see. It's like being reborn. And honestly, I love Spain. The people here are lovely and smart and they dress really well (well a good majority of them anyway). They have beautiful accents and they value family above almost everything else. For being such a big city Sevilla is definitely a community all it's own.
I have to add though that I have never been so out of my element. There literally hasn't been one familiar thing since I walked onto the first plane in Charlotte. So yeah it's been a little uncomfortable, painful even, but really good. I haven't had anyone to rely on but Jesus this whole time and my how he's taught me to trust and receive. And I've learned a lot about myself too. I really am a big girl. I can find my way around a foreign city all by myself. I can speak broken Spanish and achieve exactly what I wanted to. I can make new friends and study hard and pay for stuff and budget my money and be ok. I can reach out to my host family and besides breaking a piece of their dishwasher off, have a fairly good impact on them. I can find my way around airports and train stations and bus stops. Maybe I didn't have enough faith in myself. And maybe to some of you more independent people this all seems really simple but it's things I've never done before. So, all that to say, the loneliness and the challenge have been really good.
Finally, I haven't really had time to post pictures but there's some on Facebook if you're really curious. The problem is that I can't put them on via my iPad and I don't want to drag my computer places. We don't have weefee at my house. But anyway I hope all you lovely people are swell. I'll try to write again soon. Love you all!