Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Dessert Adjective Are You?

This is the question of the hour ladies and gentleman.
And boy do I have the answers!

Katelyn Nichols - sweet and zingy
i.e. lemon meringue pie

Sarah Werner - classic and delicious
i.e. apple pie

Taylor Brantner - creamy and smooth
i.e. dolce tarimisu

Marie-Claire DeJarnett - Crispy yet warm and sweet
i.e. Crème brulée

Dorothy Jean Ennis - Fluffy and curbs your sweet tooth
i.e. Cup Cake

Lauren John - Lighthearted yet firm
i.e. chocolate mousee

Kate Brannen - Appetizing and Multifaceted
i.e. Strawberry short cake

Jenelle McClean - Spontaneous and Luscious
i.e. Chocolate Milk Shake