Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Dessert Adjective Are You?

This is the question of the hour ladies and gentleman.
And boy do I have the answers!

Katelyn Nichols - sweet and zingy
i.e. lemon meringue pie

Sarah Werner - classic and delicious
i.e. apple pie

Taylor Brantner - creamy and smooth
i.e. dolce tarimisu

Marie-Claire DeJarnett - Crispy yet warm and sweet
i.e. Crème brulée

Dorothy Jean Ennis - Fluffy and curbs your sweet tooth
i.e. Cup Cake

Lauren John - Lighthearted yet firm
i.e. chocolate mousee

Kate Brannen - Appetizing and Multifaceted
i.e. Strawberry short cake

Jenelle McClean - Spontaneous and Luscious
i.e. Chocolate Milk Shake


  1. I'm so glad I'm the cupcake

  2. For yours Lola, you also need to add 'pretty' because you are beautiful and that is a beautiful dessert! Oh, and for mine it should be 'blonde' also...oh wait... and then kate of course has a pink dessert. i love it!!


  3. This blog is magical. Also, it's making me hungry. Our friends are very tasty, apparently.

  4. I like that you picked one risqué adjective for each person. Also…

    I feel super weird reading this.

  5. oh crap. those weren't meant to be risque. I hope people don't take the adjectives too far. No innuendos intended.

    But I think it's funny that you feel weird, Jack. I would probably feel weird reading one like this written by our guys friends... waha

  6. I was totally not expecting Jack to comment, but it's interesting to see that you are patrolling EVERYWHERE. Just kidding. pretty accurate desscriptions.

  7. and my milk shake is from the one and only steak n shake :)

  8. hahah this kills me. I love you all.