Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Theif Comes to Steal

So I woke up this morning a little pessimistic. I didn't know why I wasn't particularly joyful because I had a great night last night. I ran into Phillip Mullins at a Charlotte Eagles soccer game and just had an overall great time. Today I'm working all day but I wasn't really dreading that. So I didn't know where these bad feelings were coming from. I am often faced with negative emotions when I wake up and when I feel this way in the morning it usually carries on, sometimes for days.

Then I thought about having my quiet time, a time that I usually look so forward to and gain so much from, but was not too keen on the idea. Then I realized that perhaps the negative feelings weren't coming from me at all. So I just, in the moment of my realization, said "I will not agree with these feelings. My day is not going to suck. I do want to be with Jesus." And from that point on everything was good. I had a lovely time with the Lord and work has been so super fun today. It's just like the Enemy to try to steal our Joy.

It's such a relief to be a Christian. To have God's grace offered to you all the time and to be a receiver of his love. There is such victory in Christ.


  1. What you saw Phillip at a soccer game? That sounds so fun.

    Anyways good blogs-- I love and miss you and agree with you.

  2. oh and you got a new

  3. This blog is exactly how I felt last week! Good days are an easy choice we have to make each day. Bill Bamford told me Andy Davis was going to play a concert in Charlotte. I told him that if he went down there he should look you up.