Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Time I Devoted Some Time

to this dear blog of mine. Since summer's hit, and boy has it hit, I have found less and less motivation, or maybe I should say inspiration, to blog. Writing is one of those things, that for me, can either be an exciting, energizing activity, or it can totally wipe me out. I know that when I am most inclined to write is when I am most at peace and am settled in who I am and who God is. When I'm frustrated and worried is when writing, or doing anything creative for that matter, feels like driving a knife into my skull.

[a bit extreme i know]

I wish I had more brilliant ideas to share with you all. I'm sitting in the Dress Shop, no calls, no customers. I'm here from 10 to 6 today and these 8 hours seem like an eternity. With all this time on my hands my heart feels free to create. That, however, is frustrating when I have nothing of particular importance to write about.

[there's two dresses here that I love and want to try on. that's not okay while I'm working, right?]

Psh... I'm getting paid just to sit my butt here for 8 hours and write the longest most discombobulated blog ever.

Happy Friday Everybody. I might be back for some more pointless blogging when I'm bored enough.

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  1. You're writing is so creative and flows so well. Mine is exactly what comes in my head haha. You should definitely try on the dresses. You need to know how they fit so you can let others know when they come in the store right?