Sunday, June 28, 2009


God's justice is something that I have the hardest time understanding. I don't think I'm alone in this confusion for if I were less people would be asking the question, "if God is good then why all the suffering?" I understand that in order for our love for God to be real we must all have a choice. And by allowing that choice we have also allowed evil. But what most confuses me is how God lets, or so it seems from my tiny view, horrific things occur every moment of every day. Where is the justice? I mean, how do we even begin to pray for something so large as human trafficking and abortion? Of course we must pray, but it all too often feels so helpless.

I just watched the movie Taken at Mason and Michelle's house. It was a great movie. The hero in it is probably my new favorite. But if you haven't seen it it's about a man whose daughter gets kidnapped by some Albanians involved in the slave trade. The story is about how this father goes after his daughter and saves her from the sex trade. It's an amazing movie but it got me to thinking about this stuff more and more.

I know God is good. He has proved it to time and again. But why does he move so readily in my life, in minute details and yet allows other women, who are probably much like myself, to be traded as some sort of subhuman tool for pleasure? And what of the men involved? Those who buy and sell. Or the children being bought and sold.

God is the only thing that will liberate us from this darkness.

I know that my being human leads me to these questions about God and his justice. But I also know that what He says is always true. If He says He just then He is. And there is hope in that... hope that my prayers are being answered, hope that restoration can be given, hope for Eden again. I guess the best option is to forget the confusion about God, ask for open eyes, and choose to compare Him to the heroic father in this movie, for that is who I know Him to truly be.

So if you haven't seen Taken, watch it. Besides the fact that it's thought-provoking, it's really entertaining and just all-together awesome.


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot, too.
    Sometimes I don't understand why God lets suffering go on, but I'm beginning to understand that suffering breaks his heart so much more than it breaks ours, that he wants things to be made whole even more than we do, and that he is capable of redeeming suffering more than we can comprehend.

  2. Wow, thanks Kate for that enlightening word. It's really beautiful how you've put that. Thank you. You've helped me a lot.