Friday, December 4, 2009

I've never seen a cooler Asbury

Today is Sexy Friday. Thanks to DJ and Marie, we now have a holiday every week. And everyone looks super hot. Taylor and Taylor in their houndstooth coats. Holland in his tailored suit. Adam in his argyle sweater. DJ in her teal chucks and "effing short" dress. Marie in her lovely Gap Sweater. Kate in her cute pea coat. And me in my sweater dress (thanks Chap).

Today also was student chapel, which started out with our Chapel band tearing it up playing "Love is a Battlefield." It rocked. Thank you Pat Benatar.

Then, my dear friend, Miss Anna Rimelspach spoke and it was beautiful.

Now I'm sitting in my intermediate accounting class, which, to be honest, is not so cool. But It's still a good day.

Plus, Jesus still loves me.

Happy Friday!

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