Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We live in a fairy tale...

I've been thinking about this. If you take a step back and really look at our world it's just like a fairy tale. There are shires, magical wardrobes, mountain ranges, castles, Ireland... you get the idea. We have colors, dimensions, sunrises, sunsets, flying creatures, swiftly-moving beasts, air, flowers, intricate details. And a vast expanse of sky; stars and galaxies unknown. Maybe God gave us the sky just so we'd imagine. I think we've gotten too used to this magical place. I mean, come on, fire flies? Really? Bugs that light up and play with kids?

And as in all fairy tales, the beauty of this place is stripped by "the dark side," "the fires of mount doom," "the wicked witch of the west."

Long story short, satan sucks and so does anthrax.


  1. "satan sucks and so does anthrax." that is a new personal favorite quote. love you!


  2. haha nice thoughts. i like this post

  3. hahah swiftly-moving beasts? Are those birds?

    I like how quickly you summed it all up. Satan=anthrax becuase they both suck.

    I have a blog now, duh.

    Love you

  4. Hey So i deleted the blog i made my first comment with... sooo use this one