Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Way I Spent Last Night

A friend called me yesterday evening. She was trying to hold it together but when I asked her how she was she immediately burst into tears and said "oh I've been better." This friend of mine isn't one of my college friends, nor is she someone who I ever thought I'd be consoling. She's almost middle age and I do a ton of babysitting for her. When I asked her what was up I could barely understand her words through her tears. She asked if I would go for a run with her and seeing how much pain she was in I didn't hesitate to say yes.

So we went. And went. And went. For 7 miles we went. And I listened. And as I did so this 39 year old friend of mine spilled her guts. I literally know every financial burden of her life over the past 16 years. And none of the strife that she was explaining to me was directly her fault. All I could think was what a horrible prison she's in. If only she knew the real Jesus. He could surly heal this situation. This rift in her marriage. This thorn in her flesh.

I feel sad for this woman. Sad not only because the whole situation just sucks and she's been hurt, but sad because in order to fix it she has to take control, she has to put her defenses up, she has to consent to not trust her husband completely. Well, I suppose we as humans never really trust anyone completely but there will be an inability rely on him in ways that she wants to.

So I am left with this: I am so thankful to be a Christian. Jesus can heal my situations, my realtionships, my heart. And I'm praying that she take her heart to Christ. He's the only one that can truly set us free. Because if we're honest, we're all imprisoned by something.

So after the run we went to dinner and a movie. It ended up being pretty fun. But I didn't get home until 2:30am and now I'm FRIGGING tired. It was definitely worth it though.


  1. aww Lauren-- I'm sure that lady really appreciated it. I hope God uses you and your run/dinner/movie girl time as a blessing to that woman. I will try to pray for her.