Monday, July 13, 2009

Laughing Man

That's the Joe Purdy song that I'm listening to right now on Pandora. The reason that I titled this post that is because I don't know what to call it. That being because this is a two-parter. First part addressing my banner issues and second part addressing my dismay at having visted Miss Marie-Clair's blog everyday for the last month or so and seeing no new blogs. Annoyed. Yes Marie, I'm annoyed. I would like some good reading material out of you and your just not up to par. Did camp really take it out of you that much? Any how, I'll get back to that...

My Banner. I'm fickle. I really liked the one Kate made for me; the first one. But I got bored of it. I can't look at the same thing that much. So then I changed it to that gay like tie-die designey thing that was crap. So I quickly got bored of that. But now, I believe I have found something that contributes greatly to my inner peace about my blog. It's fun and it's cutesie but it's not too bright. It's me. Plus I got a lot of much needed experience on my wannabe photo shop program called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2... why such a long name I must inquire?

So, Marie-Claire. What in the heck. I need a good word from you. A good, funny, charming blog. If I could I would mail you some inspiration. Also, I just talked to James and he said your brother's wedding has come and gone... perhaps a nice blog could come of it? Oh and I want to see pictures. So, is anyone else desiring some Marie blogging?

That's all. 1 month until back to school. Yes!


  1. Ooooh, I absolutely love the banner. Check my blog.


    and thank you for explaining the mystery surrounding your banner haha