Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let's Friends

As a response to Marie-Claire's last blog I have been thus inspired to write my own about all our dear friends. A shout-out if you will. Order has no baring on importance. I love them all the same.

Elizabeth: We have lived together for so long. It's been grand and outrageous. Our mid-night rantings, spontaneous dates to the mall, her crap everywhere, the scent of nail polish, and 57. I will miss the pitter patter of her beating heart in the night next year when I'm living alone. I don't need to say anything else. I love Elizabeth Prillaman.

Katelyn: Every time I glance over at her blond locks my heart skips a beat. She's always joyful and kind and she touches like no other. If she wasn't here no one would play with my hair. But what's more she loves her friends and loves Jesus and has a beautiful heart. I love Katelyn Nichols.

Marie-Claire: We hang out all the time. I can talk with her soooooo well. That's inadequate, but we have had the most precious conversations this past year. Life at the 'bury would be seriously lacking if she weren't here because she's such a loyal friend and can handle anything you have to dish out. She likes to pray too, which is cool. She's honest and hilarious and beautiful and I love her.
Dottie: Dorothy Jean, DJ, Deej, Deejeeey, Dot, Dottie. It doesn't matter. I love her because her name is so versatile and so much more because she's awesome. She writes lovely notes to her friends all the time and is probably one of the kindest people ever. She has awesome outbursts of honesty and it's hilarious. She thinks she needs a filter but I disagree. Also, her laugh is precious and she's beautiful. I love Dorothy Jean Ennis.
Taylor: So lovely, so genius, so thought-provoking. She says the most hilarious one-liners and never misses a beat. She's probably the most creative person on our hall. One day she's going to write some incredible stuff and for the first time in my life I will read. She's beautiful and fun and I love Taylor Brantner.Kate: She's a Brannen through and through. I love it. I love that she's so witty and that she loves pink. She wants to run so bad. I want her to run so bad too. I have high hopes that before graduating Asbury we will run together. We have great talks and Kate is always understanding. If you need to cry just go to Kate because she'll tell you that it's okay to cry. She's beautiful and I cherish our friendship. I love Kate Brannen.

Anna: She's in love. It's precious. But more than that she loves everyone. She rarely meets someone that she just doesn't like. She always thinks the best of people and unless someone has totally dissed her she never says anything bad about others. She's encouraging and always is excited to see her friends. We had a sushi date the other night and it was so fun. Anna has great insight and a beautiful heart. Plus her exterior is super pretty too. Ryan would agree. I love Anna Mozley.

Jenelle: She's in Spain right now. She's awesome. She was a pond for Halloween. Seriously, how cool is that? She's so energetic and fun and always wants to do something crazy and spontaneous. She loves her friends and people and we can't wait to have her back next semester. I love Jenelle McClean.


  1. i love you and our friends....Thanks Lola
    is beautiful, funny, and honest. She is the least awkward person I know and is so easy to talk to. I love how she is not afraid to be herself. She encourages me to be a better person and is very understanding. I can relate so easily with her. Also I love how passionate she is and am so glad we are friends.

  2. Wow, this rules. Thanks.
    I love you and I love talking to you for hours in my room, in the grille, in the student center, at the mall, at Main and Maple, in the car, on the deck, in Subway, at basketball games wow we talk in a lot of places. That's not even all of them. Cook me a sandwich.

  3. If the rumors are true that our friendship may reignite in the very near future, I, for one, am thrilled.