Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's the last week of school. I love college and I'm sad it's the summer. I was talking to Marie about this at lunch and we decided that it's definitely healthy to go home and be away from people for a while, but I've really never had a more fulfilling time in my life. College-age people are amazing. For the most part my friends are honest, they love freely, they joke around, they want to be better, and they are still hopeful. It seems the older people get the more they lose their hope. But I love that so many of my friends here are looking for improvement and transformation in their lives. I never want to lose my hope. I know life will be difficult at times but I seriously hope that Jesus reminds me of the dreams, desires, and longings that I have right now. Without desire we welcome depression and all the things that bring us down. I know Jesus to be the ongoing fulfillment of my desires and so I never want to neglect them.
So now I ask myself, what are my desires? I think it a good exercise, so here's a list.
To get up every morning loving my tasks for that day
To be a good friend
To be beautiful
To offer myself without selfish restraints
To not worry at all about what other people think
To go on an adventure

I guess there's probably more... but who knows. I just hope I stay hopeful.

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