Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So here it goes. I haven't written on my blog in months. It feels kind of weird. I have no real agenda today in writing this blog. I'm just doing it in hopes that the unknown mass pressing on my chest will somehow be released. I don't write much but when I do it's usually to figure something out that remains hidden in my mind unless properly channeled.
Post-college life has been really cool. Sometimes I ache for those fun times at asbury, but all-in-all I am very satisfied in paying my own way, working with my hands, and moving along. All that studying started to overwhelm me and bog me down towards the end of last year. Now I feel free and happy and light. It's strange though because I'm not vocationally where I want to be and I'm not making as much money as I'd hoped to, but I have a sense and a peace that I am paving my own way and it's a good feeling. It's the feeling that "I can do it."
And not only that but that God can do it too. Jesus is like woah so awesome. He's like, Lauren trust me because really when have you ever not eaten or slept in a bed or had a roof? In fact, I've always been blessed with way more than that. So anyway, I guess the point is that I'm finally experiencing peace and of you knew any personal details about my life from last year you'd know that's a big deal.
Well, I guess this means I need to start keeping up with this thing again. Maybe I will maybe I won't :)


  1. please do... i love to read your blog. awesome that you are experiencing peace. have a wonderful christmas!